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Learning Disabilities Books and Videos

General Information: Books

Adelman, Howard and Linda Taylor. An Introduction to Learning Disabilities. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman, and Co., 1986. ISBN 0-673-15902-7

California Department of Education. I Can Learn: a handbook for parents, teachers and students. 1994. ISBN 0-8011-1140-4

Coles, Gerald. The Learning Mystique: a critical look at "learning disabilities". New York: Pantheon Books, 1987. ISBN 0-394-54898-1

Cordoni, Barbara. Living with a Learning Disability. Rev. ed. Southern Illinois: University Press, 1990. ISBN 0-8093-1668-4.

Dockstader, Mary Anne and Laurene Payne. To a Different Drummer: helping children with learning disabilities. Albuquerque, NM: ISS Publications, 1989. ISBN 0-915817-17-9

Fielding, P.M. A National Directory of Four Year Colleges, Two Year Colleges and Post High School Training Programs for Young People with Learning Disabilities. Partners in Pub, 1993. ISBN: 0-937660-10-8

Gardner, Morrison. Symptoms and Treatment of a Child's Learning Disorders and Academic Disorders: handbook for parents. nc: Health Publishing Co., 1990. ISBN 0-931421-62-4

Hartman, Rhona C. Directory of College Facilities and Services for the Disabled. Fourth ed. Oryx Press, 1995. ISBN 0-89774-894-8.

Harwell, Joan. Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook: ready-to-use techniques for teaching learning-handicapped children. West Nyack, NY: Center for Applied Research in Education, 1989. ISBN 0-876-2823-97

Hayes, Marnell. You Don't Outgrow It: living with learning disabilities. Novato, CA: Academic Therapy Publications, 1993. ISBN 0-87879-967-2

Kirk, Samuel, and James C. Chalfant. Academic and Developmental Learning Disabilities. Denver: Love Publishing Co., 1984. ISBN 0-89108-124-0

Lerner, Janet. Learning Disabilities: theories, diagnosis, and teaching strategies. 6th ed. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1993. ISBN 0-395-62225-5

Levine, Mel. Developmental Variation and Learning Disorders. Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service, 1987. ISBN 0-8388-1992-3

Levine, Mel. Educational Care. Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service, 1994. ISBN 0-8388-1987-7

Mangrum, Charles T. Peterson's Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder. 5th ed. Petersons Guides, 1997. ISBN 1-56079-85-3

Schwarz, Judy. Another Door to Learning. New York: Crossroads, 1992. ISBN 0824511913

Warner, Cheri. Understanding Your Learning Disability. Columbus, OH: Warner, 1988. Available from Learning Disabilities Association 4156 Library Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15234-1349, 412-341-1515

Westman, Jack C. Handbook of Learning Disabilities: a multisystem approach. Boston : Allyn & Bacon, 1989. ISBN: 0-205-12120-9

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Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children. (1998). Preventing reading difficulties in young children. (National Research Council Report). Washington, DC: National Academy Press.

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Mosenthal, P. (1982). Designing training programs for learning disabled children: An ideological perspective. Topics in Learning and Learning Disabilities, 2, 9-107.

Kame'enui, E. J., & Simmons, D. C. (1990). Designing instructional strategies: The prevention of academic learning problems. Columbus, OH:

General Information: Video programs

All About Autism DVD Package. Five DVD program that provide a wide ranging discussion of key autism issues with modeling of instructional techniques. Obtainable from: Attainment Company, IEP Resources PO Box 930160, 504 Commerce Parkway, Verona, WI 53593-0160, Phone # 1-800-651-0954.

All Children Learn Differently. Learning Disabilities Association of California, Orange County Chapter, n.d. 1-800-424-7963. Available from Learning Disabilities Association 4156 Library Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15234-1349, 412-341-1515

Lavoie, Richard. How Difficult Ca-n This Be? F.A.T. City workshop. nc: PBS Video, 1989. 1-800-344-3337

NCLD. We Can Learn: understanding and helping children with learning disabilities. New York: National Center for Learning Disabilities, 1991. Video.

Beyond the ADD Myth: Classroom Strategies and Techniques presented by Thomas Armstrong Provides an array of teaching strategies that can be used to work with children diagnosed with ADD

ADHD: Inclusive Instruction and Collaborative Practices presented by Sandra F. Rief Outlines seven key elements to success with ADHD students

Straight Talk About Autism. Two 40 min. videos that contains intimate interviews with parents of kids with autism and the young people themselves. Available from: Attainment Company, IEP Resources PO Box 930160, 504 Commerce Parkway, Verona, WI 53593-0160, Phone # 1-800-651-0954.

Parenting Issues: Books

Armstrong, Thomas. In Their Own Way: discovering and encouraging your child's personal learning style. Los Angeles: Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1987. ISBN 0-87477-446-2

Bloom, Jill. Help Me to Help My Child: a sourcebook for parents of learning disabled children. 1st ed. Boston: Little, Brown, 1990. ISBN 0-316-09981-3

Comfort, Randy. The Unconventional Child: a book for parents of children with learning disabilities. 1980. No ISBN

Cummings, Rhoda: Parenting the Learning Disabled Child: a realistic approach. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, 1985. ISBN 0-398-05151-8

Dias, Peggy. Diamonds in the Rough: an infancy to college reference guide on the learning disabled child. East Aurora, NY: Slosson Educational Publications, 1989. No ISBN

Greene, Lawrence. Learning Disabilities and Your Child: a survival handbook. New York: Fawcett Columbine, 1987. ISBN 0-449-90253-6

LD Council. Understanding Learning Disabilities: a parent guide and workbook. 2nd ed. Richmond, VA: LD Council, 1991. No ISBN

McCarney, Stephen and Angela M Bauer. Parents' Guide to Learning Disabilities. Columbia, MS: Hawthorne Educational Services, 1991. 800-542-1673

McNamara, Barry E and Francine McNamara. Keys to Parenting a Child with a Learning Disability. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's, 1995. ISBN 0-8120-9033-0

Osman, Betty. Learning Disabilities: a family affair. New York: Warner Books, 1979. ISBN 0-446-35554-2

Smith, Sally. No Easy Answers: the learning disabled child. New York: Bantam, 1996. ISBN 0-553-35450-7

Smith, Sally. Succeeding Against the Odds: strategies and insights from the learning disabled. Los Angeles: Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., 1991. ISBN 0-87477-674-0

Tuttle, Cheryl Gerson and Penny Paquette. Parenting a Child with a Learning Disability. Los Angeles: Lowell House, 1993. ISBN 1-56565-082-4

Vail, Priscilla. Smart Kids with School Problems: things to know and ways to help. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1987. ISBN 052524557x

Wallbrown, Fred and Jane D. Wallbrown. So Your Child Has a Learning Problem: now what? Brandon, VT: Clinical Psychology Publishing Co., 1981. ISBN 0-88422-015-x

Weiss, Elizabeth. Mothers Talk About Learning Disabilities. New York: Prentiss Hall Press, 1989. ISBN 0-13-602970-1

Parenting Issues: Video Programs

Learning Disability: a family crisis. Topeka, KS: Menninger Video Productions, 1989. Order from Altschul Group Corporation, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 100, Evanston, IL 60201 1-800-421-2363

Learning Disability: a parent's guide. Topeka, KS: Menninger Video Productions, 1993. Order from Altschul Group Corporation, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 100, Evanston, IL 60201, 1-800-421-2363

Legal Guide

Latham, Peter and Patricia H. Latham. Learning Disabilities and the Law. Washington, DC: JKL Communication, 1993 ISBN 1-883560-02-0

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