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Intellectual Disorders - Resources

American Association on Mental Retardation - The American Association on Mental Retardation(AAMR) is an interdisciplinary organization of professionals (and others) concerned about mental retardation and related disabilities. AAMR's mission is to advance the knowledge and skills of professionals in the field of mental retardation by exchanging information and ideas.

Mental Health Training Center - Research and Traing Center on Family support and children's mental health, established in 1984 at Portland State University, focuses on improving services to families whose children have mental, emotional or behavioral disorders through a set of related research and training programs.

The Mining Company - Learn about how studies are conducted with psychiatric illnesses and what this means for current and future treatment.


  1. Delaware Foundation for Retarded Children - To raise the consciousness to help those less fortunate. The foundation also provides opportunities to promote understanding of mental retardation.
    Website: http://www.blue-gold.org/
  2. The Arc of the United States works through education, research and advocacy to improve the quality of life for children and adults wit mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families, and work to prevent both the causes and the effects of mental retardation.
    Website: http://www.thearc.org/
  3. Aware Resources Inc. - Focuses on the needs of facilities working with residents who are elderly and mentally retarded or developmentally disabled. Offers software solution, staff training, and psychological services.
    Website: http://www.awareresources.com/
  4. Best Buddies International - The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with mental retardation by providing opportunities for one to one friendship and integrated employment.
    Website: http://www.bestbuddies.org/
  5. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law - Legal advocacy for the civil rights and human dignity of people with mental disability.
    Website: http://www.bazelon.org/ >
  6. AAMR - American Association on Mental Retardation - Since 1876, AAMR has been providing leadership in the field of mental retardation, AAMR is the oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization of professionals concerned about mental retardation and related disabilities.
    Website: http://www.aamr.org/
  7. Devereux Foundation - The foundation is to provide high quality human services to children, adults and families with special needs which derive from behavior, psychological, intellectual or neurological impairments.
    Website: http://www.devereux.org/
  8. MHN - Mental Help Net - All about mental health. This net provides information about different decease related to mental illness.
    Website: http://www.mentalhelp.net/
  9. The Center for Mental Health Services - Knowledge Exchange Network - Information and resources on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services for mental illness.
    Website: http://www.mentalhealth.org/
  10. Mental Health Internet Resources- Psychologist, psychiatrist, and social worker directory, mental health journal and resource directory.
    Website: http://www.findcounseling.com/